Representative Projects & Results

Here are some examples of the types of assignments we take on and the results we help our customers to achieve…

Strategy into Action

We designed and facilitated a dynamic and collaborative strategic planning process that enabled a respected professional service firm to reinvent its business model and expand its offerings and impact. The result was a highly-successful IPO and a fivefold increase in annual revenues—from $220 million to over $1.0 billion—in less than five years.

Reducing Cost Through Innovation

We created and facilitated an innovative design thinking process that helped a global consumer goods company to reimagine its worldwide sourcing, purchasing, and product packaging by exploring a world of best practices including insights found in nature. The result was a blueprint for greater sustainability, a 30% reduction in materials, and a $57 million reduction in annual operating costs.

Leadership Development & Training

We partnered with a leading hotel company to design and implement an innovative leadership development and employee training program aimed at creating more authentic and compelling guest experiences. This program—which included the senior management teams, supervisors, and every associate across six distinct properties across Costa Rica—focused on reimagining guest engagement, curating unique, meaningful, and memorable guest experiences, and building a unified set of authentic offerings across the areas of food and beverage, meetings, music and art, wellness, and nature.

Building a More Innovative Culture

We partnered with a renowned research and technology firm to build a more consistently innovative corporate culture. The key elements were a clear strategy to guide innovation, leadership development and coaching to raise the priority of innovation in conversation and action, staff training and ongoing coaching, the creation of an energizing series of innovation/collaboration events, tailored incentives for engagement, a state-of-the-art innovation and collaboration center, and clearly focused technology labs. The result was a dramatic change in the organization’s DNA and a 75% increase in the number of solid innovation concepts identified and tested/prototyped within 12 months.

New Product Development

We partnered with a leading food company to rethink their new product development process in order to more quickly identify the most promising opportunities. and more quickly. The result was an increase in the speed and value of new launches and a 75% reduction in the cost of developing and launching successful new products.

Creating an Innovation Process

We partnered with a global telecommunications company to develop and implement a clear process for innovation that focused on building a more innovative culture, sparking and developing new business opportunities, and rethinking incentives and talent management. The result was the creation and launch of eleven new business ventures with 24 months.

Using Technology to Reach Customers More Effectively

We helped an international financial services organization to use mobile technology as the primary platform for making and servicing loans and providing technical assistance to entrepreneurs in developing countries. The result was a dramatically improved ability to reach new entrepreneurs, a 60% reduction in the time required to qualify applicants for loans, and a 45% increase in the number of businesses supported.

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