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At VENTURE WORKS we are committed to bringing the right mix of people, expertise, curiosity, and insights to each engagement and your unique needs.

We begin by asking questions, listening intently to the answers, and trying to get as smart as we can. Then we figure out exactly the right skills and team members needed on the bus to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Skills Include:


Strategy and strategy execution


Innovation and design thinking


Developing and inspiring people at all levels


Learning, training, and leadership development


Organization development and culture


Branding and marketing


Crafting remarkable customer experiences


Applying the right technology


Facilitating meetings and the work of teams

Alan Gregerman

President and Chief Innovation Officer

Alan Gregerman is a highly-respected and award-winning author, advisor, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, community volunteer, teacher and all-around nice guy. His consulting, research, speaking, teaching and writing focus on helping companies and organizations to unlock the genius in all of their people in order to innovate, grow, and deliver the most compelling value to their customers.

Find out more about Alan and his speaking and writing, or read and subscribe to his blog at:


Alan Gregerman About

Alan’s three award-winning and best-selling books—The Necessity of Strangers, Surrounded by Geniuses, and Lessons from the Sandbox—challenge our thinking about people, the world around us, where brilliant ideas actually come from, and how to reach our potential as individuals, leaders, and organizations.

“Alan has been called one of the most original thinkers in business today” and “the Robin Williams of business consulting.”

The Necessity Of Strangers

The Necessity of Strangers

Alan’s latest book, The Necessity of Strangers, is all about the power of connecting with and learning from people who are very different than us as the key to greater insight, innovation, and success.

90% Success Rate


At VENTURE WORKS we have helped more than 300 teams and businesses to create important innovations with a 90% success rate.


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