Trying to enhance innovation? If so, here’s a good starting point.

We’ve designed a fun and straightforward “test” that provides a snapshot of your company’s ability to nurture the right new ideas. And, it’s fast and easy to take, doesn’t require any studying in advance and is based on the practices of some of the world’s leading innovators. While it is not a completely scientific assessment, it can help you to identify your strengths and the key barriers to the successful and profitable development of new products, services, business ventures and new ways of doing things.


Answer all 12 questions. Each answer carries the following score: 
3 POINTS for “Yes”
2 POINTS for “Almost”
1 POINT for “Not Exactly”
0 POINT for “We’re Clueless”

When you are done, simply click the “Score” button and your results will be displayed.

Testing your corporate IQ

Is senior management committed to the importance of innovation?

Is the company’s vision for the future clear and inspiring?

Is there a strong sense of urgency to improve performance and/or deliver greater value to customers?

Is there a clear and effective process for identifying and testing promising ideas?

Are people encouraged to think “out-of-the-box”?

Does the company hire people with experience, energy and passion?

Is there a high degree of cooperation across organizational boundaries?

Is there a commitment to making work fun?

Do appropriate incentives exist to spur innovation and risk-taking?

Are people rewarded for new ideas even when they don’t make it to the marketplace?

Is senior management willing and able to take informed risks?

Are the right resources committed to support promising ideas?

Thanks for taking the quiz!

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