Move your team innovation and brainstorming out of the conference room and into the real world

Looking to innovate consistently, build greater teamwork, learn in new ways and improve top- and bottom-line performance?

If so, we can help…

Our critically-acclaimed Team Learning Adventures is an action-learning program that is a unique, challenging, and energizing way to enhance innovation, build team effectiveness, strengthen leadership skills, reinvent learning and achieve greater business and organizational success.  Its core is a carefully designed creative thinking “adventure”—tailored to your organization’s actual challenges and opportunities—in which teams race against the clock to uncover new ideas, frameworks, perspectives and learning needed to survive and prosper in today’s environment.

Team Learning Adventures is a more powerful alternative to typical “brainstorming” sessions or innovation workshops because it takes participants out of the confines of even the most creative meeting room and into a real world laboratory filled with amazing ideas and possibilities that can serve as catalysts for real breakthroughs in thinking, action and leadership.  In the process, it challenges leaders and organizations to break out of the boxes and habits that keep them from reaching their full potential.

Team Learning Adventures is also a great alternative to ropes courses and a range of other outdoor team building experiences because it provides a direct connection between teamwork and a company or organization’s key strategic objectives.  Participants learn to work together focused on something that really matters…whether that means creating a winning strategy, reinventing their business and its offerings, solving a pressing issue, building a stronger bond with customers or differentiating themselves in a crowded market.  And while there is an important physical dimension—i.e., a beat-the-clock field “expedition” through one of the world’s great cities—it can be done by anyone.

So let us know more about your team, your organization and your objectives and we’ll create a truly unique and inspiring experience that captures the hearts and minds of your people…while creating real results.

Then don’t be surprised if you and your colleagues find your next brilliant idea by scouring the halls of great museums, wandering through remarkable neighborhoods, visiting the front lines of the world’s most creative companies, decoding the sights and sounds of zoos and parks, listening to local music, watching a circus or ballet, playing on a crowded playground, riding the subway, eating unusual food or tapping the magic of children.

The result is a breakthrough in the way leaders and teams at all levels work, learn, think and create together.

To learn more about how this program can help you and your colleagues reach your full potential, give us a call, send us an email or simply complete the form to the right.

Team Learning Adventures

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