Even the best companies and organizations often struggle when it comes to creating and implementing a clear, compelling and actionable strategy.

They struggle for a number of reasons, but most commonly it’s because they fail to do their homework, view strategy as a “static” activity, are focused on tactics and actions rather than strategic initiative, think that strategy is just about setting a number or making a wish, and/or neglect to engage all of their employees in the act of developing and executing their plans.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At VENTURE WORKS we empower businesses to make vision, strategy and action as straightforward as possible through a proprietary process that we have developed and enhanced during twenty years of practice based on the insight of our customers and the marketplace.  It’s a process that is as much about curiosity, possibilities and deep customer knowledge as it is about the numbers and operations.  And its result is a practical guide for inspiring your organization and engaging your marketplace in new ways.

At the heart of this work is a clear understanding that strategy is all about making and acting on a set of choices concerning:

  • The customers we choose to serve.
  • The offerings we will provide them based on their real needs.
  • The unique and powerful value we will deliver to them in meeting their needs.
  • The business model we will use to deliver that value consistently.
  • The investments we will make to continually enhance the value we deliver and results our customers achieve.

Choices that lead to meaningful competitive advantage.

And it’s also about deciding the customers we choose not to serve, the offerings we choose not to offer, the value propositions and business models we will not deliver, and the investments we will not make to stay true to our strategic direction.

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