At a time when a growing number of companies and organizations are looking to mergers and acquisitions as a key to their growth, research suggests that less than 25 percent of these “transactions” ever achieve their potential.

They miss the mark for several reasons, but most commonly it’s because the acquiring businesses tend to focus primarily on the financial side of the deal while merely paying lip service to the power of people and culture to create real synergies, drive meaningful innovation and create greater value.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At VENTURE WORKS we help leaders to unlock real opportunity through mergers and acquisitions–by choosing the right partners, creating a truly compelling story and strategy, bringing people and knowledge together in new ways and crafting a new and more powerful culture and set of business practices in order to drive real innovation and growth for customers, employees and shareholders.  We do this through a clear and effective planning and action process focused on the real keys to building a more successful and dynamic business. It’s a process that challenges companies to look beyond the numbers and take an honest and optimistic look at capabilities.  And its result is a practical guide for building and leading a new, energized and more compelling organization.

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