Here are some examples of the types of assignments we take on and the results we help our customers to achieve…

Strategy Into Action

We designed and facilitated a dynamic and collaborative strategic planning process that enabled a highly-respected government contractor to create a more compelling and valued solution set.  The result was an almost threefold increase in annual revenues—from $220 million to over $600 million—in only three years.

Reducing Cost Through Innovation

We helped a global consumer products company to rethink its sourcing, purchasing and packaging by exploring the world in new ways.  The result was a $57 million reduction in annual costs.

New Product Development

We partnered with a leading food company to rethink their new product development activities. The result was a 65% reduction in development time and a 75% reduction in the cost of developing and launching successful new products.

Unlocking Genius

We showed a leading pharmaceutical research company how to renew morale and commitment by unlocking the genius in all of its people. The result was a 200% increase in annual profits and the retention of the company’s most talented employees.

Creating an Innovation Process

We partnered with a global telecommunications company to develop a clear process for innovation and a unique approach to incentives and talent management. The result was the creation of eleven new business ventures.

Using Technology in New Ways

We helped an international financial services organization to use mobile technology in new ways to connect more effectively with customers in over 100 countries on five continents.

Service Differentiation

We assisted a leading I.T. solutions provider in developing a clear strategy for successfully differentiating itself in a crowded market based on insight gained from several of the world’s top retail businesses.